Aloha & Mahalo for visiting our website.
"Super Limousine Service" is the leader in both limousine and
private transportation services in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Our fleet comprises of well maintained, luxury vehicles such as:
-Cadillac Escalade SUV ----------------(1 - 6 passengers)
-Regular Stretch Limousine ----------(1 - 8 passengers)
-Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine ----(1 - 10 passengers)
-Luxury Mercedes Sprinter ----------- (1 - 14 passengers)
-Gullwing Double Axle Cadillac Super Limo-(1 - 14 passengers)
Our vehicles are equipped with features including disco lights,
Bar,TV, and sound system.
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Please give us a call or email if you have questions
about any of our services.
Click phone number to call: (808) 955-2288 or (808) 389-5022
We are looking forward to serve you & your family in the near future.
Super Limousine Service
One of a kind Gullwing Double Axle
Cadillac Escalade Super Limo
(1 to 14 persons with all luggages)
Chrysler 300 Stretch Limo
(1 to 10 persons)
Luxury Mercedes
Sprinter, Disco
Lights, Surround
Stereo, TV, Bar
(1 to 14 persons
with luggages)
Luxury Cadillac Escalade
(1 to 6 persons)